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L&T Nursery have a good supply of the following rootstocks to support your almond variety requirements. Root Stocks available:

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Non Pareil, Carmel, Monterey Price, Peerless, Wood Colony Ne Plus

Predominant Varieties

Non Pareil, Carmel, Monterey Price

New ABA Varieties

*Under Royalty- Carina, Vela

Fact Sheets for Almond Tree Varieties

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Located within the irrigation district surrounding Robinvale, Victoria, L&T Nursery is a quality producer of Almond nursery trees supplying growers in the area and across NSW, SA & WA with almond trees. With a total of over 40 years of experience in the almond sector

(both almond production and nursery trees), L&T Nursery management have a well-grounded understanding of the industry. The company has a strong commitment to expanding the production of Australian almonds through the growth and distribution of quality trees.

L&T Nursery are committed to supporting the Almond Industry through the provision of both traditional and new varieties. Traditional varieties have shown their capacity in relation to quality and yield, however, several new varieties recently released have shown strong results in these areas. It is the distribution of promising new varieties, alongside the continuing production of traditional varieties that L&T Nursery is committed to.

Please refer to ‘Trees for Sale’ tab for varieties available.

Feel free to visit our operation and view the trees and see why feedback from growers has been so positive.

L&T Nursery understands that planning ahead and securing trees is critical to create a well-functioning orchard; as such we are currently taking orders for your future requirement for planting out in Winter. Orders are also currently being taken for the current winter season for any re-planting or development needs. L&T Nursery are happy to work closely with growers throughout the cultivation of their trees.

Fact Sheets for Predominant Almond Varieties

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